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Experience the thrill of driving a Russian car with this amazing mod

ZIL Driving Simulator 130 Premium - incredibly realistic car simulator for android devices, which definitely deserves your attention. Here you have to get behind the wheel of the already legendary and well-known Soviet car called "ZIL". Feeling like a real truck driver is not difficult, thanks to realistic physics and cool driving mechanics. For you, prepared three-dimensional and highly detailed locations with the change of weather and seasons, as well as a developed image of the car in 3D, both inside and outside. This car simulator will give you positive emotions from driving, as well as will offer to perform many interesting career tasks that will not let you get bored. Great opportunities to upgrade your car, several game modes that will radically change the gameplay, as well as many trailers and cargo will be available to you. Conquer off-road, mountain tops, narrow tracks, maneuver with a trailer and master the skill of parking, as well as go through exciting plot mode and build a career in a realistic car simulator ZIL Driving Simulator 130 Premium!

Mod V4 features:Russian Car Driver ZIL 130 Pre v1.2.0 mod is a popular game that allows players to experience the complete content of the game.The game offers a professional mode where players can create their own name and earn a lot of money.The objective of the game is to become a skilled driver of the Russian ZIL 130 truck and complete various tasks and missions.The game features realistic graphics and physics, making it a highly realistic driving experience.With its various game modes and features, Russian Car Driver ZIL 130 Pre v1.2.0 mod is a must-try for any driving game enthusiast.

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Russian Car Driver UAZ HUNTER is the most realistic game in which you will become the driver of the famous UAZ Hunter car made in the USSR. You can feel all the physics of movement, fully plunge into the stunning and dangerous off-road world.

Believe me, your driving skills will be taken to the next level when you experience Russian Car Driver UAZ HUNTER. Accordingly, you can start by learning to drive through the short courses available, try to achieve new categories, and unlock new opportunities in the game. Or you can also approach the job of a freight driver by working for a freight company.

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The Russian Car Driver ZIL 130 adds a lot to any play session that simulates a 3D city. Aside from that, it also features numerous free missions for you to enjoy. Your next step is to transform into a driver and take control of your truck. This is how you can progress through new jobs freely through the game. Doing this won't be too difficult thanks to the game's approachable functionality. Get a new job quickly with professional roads. Other jobs become available when you drive on these roads. You need to move your car when starting the first levels of the game. Drive carefully and show off your top driving skills.

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