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Included in our one to one yoga sessions is pranayama (breath work) and meditation. Learning about the mind and how it works.  Ultimately all my studies have led me to discover how to practice inhabiting life from within rather than allowing it to be shaped in some way dictated by outside influences.


Together we can seek answers to the questions that have arisen from your self-study (or YOGA). 


After sessions I encourage my clients to integrate what they have experienced and learned about the connection between their body and mind and what it was capable of. 


One to one yoga sessions start at £40 per 60 minute sessions and can be purchased in blocks of 6 for £220.  Holistic coaching sessions start at £40 per 60 minute session and can be held as regularly as needed to support you.  When purchased together discounts apply.


Please complete the following intake form to allow me to get to know you and your circumstances better and feel free to forward any questions or other relevant information.  From there we can arrange to start your programme.


Thanks for contacting me! I will message you back as soon as possible!

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