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A yoga home isn't just somewhere to practice.  To me it should be somewhere that you can grow as a person.  A place that isn't just physical in space but an energy that feels safe, supportive and warm.  There should be a connection that you can't mistake or explain and that includes a connection with your teacher and guide.  A space where you feel that your soul is being truly nurtured and nourished by everything that happens there.


Yoga for me has become a real metaphor.  Yesterday morning the theme our class took was that "calm is a super power".  Together we worked through challenges, tricky balances, flow sequences and strong holds with quieter moments, breath work and meditation.  It REALLY reflected a lot of how life can be at times and the students shared some similar reflections in down time after class.


Those little golden reflections are what creates a yoga home for me.  If you haven't found yours I hope you go on to do just that - and that your practice supports you in the way it absolutely can with the right ingredients. 


Love love love Yogi's x

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