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The Art of Living

How it Started

I am Sarah, the founder and owner of The Art of Living.  


I became a yoga and meditation teacher in 2015 although I launched deeply into my own mind body education experience many years prior.  

 I've always been a mover - mostly for the joy of it.  Like so many of us I discovered that moving through physicality supported me to move through how stress and anxiety showed up for me.   


In my 20's, running through the gym door/fitness world was no longer enough for me and life really shrunk.  Anxiety and all of the shadow in my life took up more space in my mind, and subsequently, my body.  I was exhausted, depleted, and dissatisfied.

Yoga gave me another way to move through life and continues to light me up in ways I could never have imagined .  


I have completed 1000s of hours of in-depth, multilayer programs of the study of yoga, meditation, anatomy, Pranayama and trauma informed yoga.  As such I aspire to teach you about yoga and how it can support you in your living a life of stability and ease. 


A teacher cultivates an environment for learning and explorations for understanding yourself.   Through one to one yoga and wellness coaching my clients can expect to become more aware of mental activity that can either hold them back or free them.  Lessons of yoga aren't just lessons; they are a metaphor for life and for me have held the key to transformational change.


Included in our sessions is meditation. Learning about the mind and how it works.  Ultimately all my studies have led me to discover how to practice inhabiting life from within, rather than allowing it to be shaped in some way or dictated by outside influences.  I can't wait to share some of that with you and see the light in you shine brightly like never before.



Check out my class offerings, details of one to one wellness and yoga coaching and retreats to find out how we can work together.

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